Paint protection


Ceramic Coatings

What a grey area !!

From Dealership applied to Detailer applied there is NO consistency in quality, so do your research!

I have seen so many Dealership applied coatings fail after 6 months it disgusts me, especially when you are paying upwards of $1500!! Dealerships work on the theory that you will forget it’s there after six months anyway, and won’t bother to take it back



Another area to watch is Detailers who sell cheap coatings (around $400), well have a think about it.... you need to get the name of the coating, research  it and look at reviews. You can buy a ceramic coating on EBAY for $20 and they claim it lasts 5 yrs. Really??

At Intensity we use CQUARTZ 3.0, one of the best on the market for the price. PLEASE look up reviews on this product, you won’t be disappointed!



Bear in mind if you decide to get your vehicle Ceramic coated the paintwork has to be flawless, so you may need paint correction first prior to it being applied. This is another trick some detailers use - to coat a used vehicle without getting the paintwork corrected first, you may as well throw your money down the drain as a Ceramic coating requires a well prepared surface to bond to!

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